This September, the ICG will present its popular CEPA Update Conference on developments in the regulation of both New and Existing substances under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) and the government’s Chemicals Management Plan (CMP).

2016 is proving to be a particularly eventful year in the field.

Major new developments include:

  • The launch of Phase 3 of the CMP in Canada
  • The enactment of the US Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act
  • The start of a Parliamentary Review of CEPA to define the future of the legislation
  • The definition of a forward joint, bi-national work plan under the Canada/ US Regulatory Cooperation Council
  • Notable evolutions in Canada’s New Substances Notification regimevia the issuance of key new Advisory Notes and Guidelines by the government

Eminent and expert speakers from industry and governments will address these areas from the standpoint of their implications for chemicals management in Canada, and will be available to discuss your questions.

In addition, four Pre-Conference Workshops will provide an understanding of key regulatory requirements under CEPA.  Expert speakers from industry and government will outline regulatory requirements as well as strategies, best practices and tools to help companies meet their compliance obligations.

Participants will be able to select from:

  • New Substance Notifications
  • Canadian Significant New Activity Conditions (SNACs) and US Significant New Use Rules (SNURs)
  • Information Gathering Programs and Policies for Existing Substances
  • Managing Your Supply Chain with a focus on generating the efficient and effective flow of compliance related information through the supply chain.